Your stylish new home, built the way you want it.

Custom Building Service for New Luxury Homes

Designer Homes Perth offers a Custom Building Service that is committed to streamlining the process of building your new luxury home. Our aim is to deliver your completed home within budget and schedule. As a boutique home designer, we offer each client an individualised service customised to their specific requirements, location and style preferences.

The house you want

From your first meeting with our development consultants it will be obvious that you, as the client and owner of your new home, are the driving factor in all decisions that will be made during the building and finishing process. We make it our job to make every stage of this process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. During these meetings we will also be able to give a rough estimate of full costing on this project based on the size, type, design and finishes of the home.

The design process starts with getting a clear understanding of exactly what it is that your requirements and necessities are for your new home. With this information we will start to design a unique house plan that incorporates all of these needs but at the same time reflects your personal preferences in design layout whether it be open-plan living, indoor / outdoor spaces or even advice if it is to be an investment / rental property, etc… This enables us to draft a preliminary layout that will be further amended until such a time as you are satisfied that this will be your perfect home.

The way you want it

As the building begins and through the entire construction process we will have regular meetings on and off site to make sure that everything is going to according to your expectations.

It is our commitment to continue to liaise with you as regularly as possible during every stage of the building process to ensure that nothing is ever overlooked and that any concerns that you may have are resolved immediately. In this way we are able to guarantee that each home is finished to the exact specification and high standards that you demand and deserve.

On time

Using our tried and trusted building professionals and artisans we are able to reduce building time and deliver a completed house. Our hands-on management and relationship with our tradespeople allows us to safely have multiple specialists on site at the same time working together to get the job done in a timely manner, also reducing expensive rental times of scaffolding, work site lifts, and other costly equipment.

Being highly experienced in dealing with local building and planning codes, we are also well placed to take the pain and unnecessary lag time out of these sometimes daunting processes.

And within budget

Our approach allows stylish, high-specification homes to be built professionally and efficiently, and the savings of time and reduced cost are passed directly on to you, the client. It also means that we are able to get the highest standard of workmanship from each of our artisans as they know they are part of a well organised team, committed to delivering excellence in each of their specialised areas.

To create better homes and happier clients

As word of mouth is our most successful form of advertising, it makes perfect sense that we would only deliver to our customers their luxury home exactly as promised. The finished product is our advertisement to both existing and future clients.

We recommend

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